The crossroad of people, cultures and beauty" Alexandroupoli, is a city that brings to your memory the distant past and the beauty of today. A "key" city of Greece, whether you leave or enter the east. Alexandroupoli, one "open embrace" towards the open sea. A city of tradition and innovation, a city of rest and entertainment, a city of sea and tourism. Its location is nodal, linking Europe to Asia, West to East and thus its contact with the world and the rest of Greece is achieved with every mean of transportation, by land, sea and air. Capital of the Prefecture of Evros, with all the services at the disposal of its visitors but also with the hospitable spirit of its 60.000 inhabitants.



The geographical coordinates of Alexandroupolis are:

In decimal degrees: Latitude: 40.8475000, Longitude: 25.8744400

In degrees and decimal minutes: Latitude: 40°50.85 N, Longitude: 25°52.4664 E

Here is a list of the most convenient airports to get to Alexandroupoli:

Democritos airport - Alexandroupoli

Democritos Airport is an international airport in Alexandroupoli city. There are some international flights and 4 domestic flights per day from Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens. Flight schedules and airport information can be found at: https://flights.aegeanair.com/en/flights-to-alexandroupolis and recently at skyexpress. For additional convenience, shuttle services to Ramada Plaza Thraki Hotel (venue) MAY be arranged on the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th of September 2018. Further information about the airport at: Airport Info. Local Bus connection to the Airport from the city of Alexandroupoli or the Venue and the other hotels, is shown in: Local KTEL.

IMPORTANTS NEWS: The Local Organizing Committee would like to thank Aegean Airlines that added an extra flight on the 3rd of September (from Athens Airport) and on the 7th of September (to Athens Airport) in order to facilitate the Conference attendees to travel from Athens to Alexandroupoli. The flighs are:


1 ΟA 140  ATH   AXD    0610    0710  E0/319       1:00

2 OA 144  ATH   AXD    1435    1535  E0/DH4       1:00

3 OA 146  ATH   AXD    2000    2100  E0/320        1:00


1 OA 141 AXD   ATH    0800    0900  E0/320       1:00

2 OA 145 AXD   ATH    1600    1700  E0/DH4       1:00

3 OA 147  AXD   ATH    2135    2235  E0/320       1:00


Macedonia airport, Thessaloniki

Macedonia airport (320km from Alexandroupoli) is the second biggest international airport in Greece. It is very efficiently connected to Eleftherios Venizelos airport with approximately 8 domestic flights per day. Flight schedules and airport information can be found at: www.thessalonikiairport.com. Once in Macedonia airport, you can get to Alexandroupoli (Ramada Plaza Thraki Hotel) by bus, car or train via Egnatia Odos motorway. The ride according to Google maps takes 2 hours and 53 minutes.

Megas Alexandros airport - Kavala

Megas Alexandros airport (135 km. from Alexandroupoli) is a small, low-budget international airport. There are some international flights to and from London, Paris, Moscow, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Istanbul, Berlin, Sofia, Malta and New York. The easiest way to reach the airport is by Eleftherios Venizelos airport, from which there are 2 daily flights (https://www.kva-airport.gr/en//). From there you can access Alexandroupoli (Ramada Plaza Thraki Hotel) by car or bus via Egnatia Odos motorway. The estimate duration (according to Google maps) is 80 minutes.

Eleftherios Venizelos airport - Athens

Eleftherios Venizelos airport is the biggest international airport in Greece and there are direct flights from and to all the national and the most international airports. Despite it is 815 km far from the center of Alexandroupoli, it is the best choice for international travelers because it can be used as an intermediate node for reaching one of the above airports. Flight schedules and airport information can be found at: www.aia.gr