Post conference papers in IEEE journals

Instructions for submitting extended versions of papers presented in ICEM’2022 to be reviewed for potential publication in IEEE journals:

Agreement with IEEE-IAS:

IAS is open to having a special issue in the IAS Transactions including the ICEM papers that get submitted and accepted by IAS journals. The papers will go through the regular review process through the various IAS Technical Committees then will be grouped together in the special issue.

Agreement with IEEE-IES:

  1. IES welcomes post-conference papers from ICEM for submission to its journals, such as IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (TIE), IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics (JESTIE), and the Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society (OJIES), provided they are within the scope of the journal. Such post-conference papers must be properly extended according to the IES policies in and the procedures defined by the individual journals. Specifically, they must include substantially new material and they must list the conference paper in the references.
  2. The papers will be reviewed like regular papers according to the rules of the individual journals. If accepted papers are scheduled to appear in the same issue, they can be grouped together if production plans permit.
  3. As IES journals do not specifically identify post-conference papers, authors are welcome to state, e.g., in the introduction, that the article is an extension of work presented at ICEM, citing the paper.

Agreement with IEEE-PES :

Post-conference papers from ICEM will be welcome for submission to IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (TEC), if properly extended and modified in accordance with IEEE PES policy. The papers will be processed for peer-review as regular papers and – if finally accepted for publication – they will be published in the journal according to the following rules:

  1.  They will be grouped together and placed at the beginning or at the end of the journal issue(s) where they are to appear;
  2. A note will be added in the first-page footnote mentioning that the paper originates from a contribution presented at ICEM conference.


Note that all published ICEM papers have the IEEE Copyright (therefore, they cannot be published as they are in any other media outside IEEE).