Special Sessions

List of accepted Special Sessions

Find next the list of accepted Special Sessions for ICEM’2022:

SS1 High-Torque-Density Electrical Machines (HTDEM)

Dawei Li, University of Science and Technology, CHINA  daweili@hust.edu.cn
Yuting Gao, Nagoya Institute of Technology, JAPAN, gyt626890@gmail.com

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SS2 Additive Manufacturing Approach in Electric Motor Design: Opportunities and Challenges (AMAEMD)

Payam Shams Ghahfarokhi, Riga Technical University, LATVIA, payam.shams@ttu.ee
Ants Kallaste, Tallinn University of Technology, ESTONIA, ants.kallaste@taltech.ee

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SS3 Thermal Management of Electric Drives for Demanding Applications (TMEDDA)

Francisco J. Márquez-Fernández, Lund University, SWEDEN, fran.marquez@iea.lth.se
Robert Camilleri, University of Malta, MALTA, robert.c.camilleri@um.edu.mt

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SS4 Electrical Machines Fault Diagnosis During Transient Operation (EMFDTO)

Konstantinos N. Gyftakis, University of Edinburgh, UK, k.n.gyftakis@ieee.org
Daniel Morinigo Sotelo, Universidad de Valladolid, SPAIN, daniel.morinigo@eii.uva.es

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SS5 Hairpin Windings in Electrical Machines for Transportation (HWEMT)

Stefano Nuzzo, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, ITALY, stefano.nuzzo@unimore.it
Gerd Bramerdorfer, Johannes Kepler University Linz, AUSTRIA, gerd.bramerdorfer@jku.at

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SS6 Innovative Magnetic Materials and 3D Printing for Electromagnetic Devices (IMMED)

Luca Ferraris, Politecnico di Torino, ITALY, luca.ferraris@polito.it
Carole Henaux, University of Montpellier, FRANCE, henaux@umontpellier.fr

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SS7 Motor and Generator Windings: Design, Performance and Manufacturing (MGW)

Fernando J. T. E. Ferreira, University of Coimbra, PORTUGAL, fernando.ferreira@ieee.org
Stjepan Stipetić, University of Zagreb, CROATIA, Stjepan.Stipetic@fer.hr

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SS8 Advances in Real-Time Simulation for Electric Powertrain Development (ARTEPD)

Carlos Villegas, Speedgoat GmbH, SWITZERLAND, carlos.villegas@speedgoat.ch
Sabin Carpiuc, MathWorks, UNITED KINGDOM, scarpiuc@mathworks.com

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SS9 Vibration and Noise Issues in Electrical Machines (VNEM)

Shanming Wang, Tsinghua University, CHINA, Wangsm96@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Haiyang Fang, Huazhong University of Science & Tech., CHINA, haiyangfang@hust.edu.cn

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SS10 Electrical Machines for Renewable Energy Generation (EMREG)

Chiara Boccaletti, Sapienza University, Rome, ITALY, chiara.boccaletti@uniroma1.it
Sejir Khojet El Khil, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis, TUNISIA, sejirkek@gmail.com

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SS11 Electrical Machines and Drives for Green Marine Activities (EMDGMA)

John Prousalidis, National Technical University of Athens, GREECE, jprousal@naval.ntua.gr
Jean-Frederic Charpentier, French Naval Academy, FRANCE, jean-frederic.charpentier@ecole-navale.fr

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SS12 High Efficiency Electrical Machines: Innovative Materials, Design, Harmonics Management, and Measurement Techniques (HEEM)

Antonios Kladas, National Technical University of Athens, GREECE, kladasel@central.ntua.gr
Masato Enokizono, Nippon Bunri University, JAPAN, enoki@oita-u.ac.jp

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A special session is a group of 6 papers (or multiple of 6), organized on the initiative of any volunteer proposing NO MORE than 2 papers inside. Special session topics must be in areas consistent with those of the conference and not overlapping with regular tracks.

Potential organizers (2 co-chairs max from different institutions) should do the following tasks:

  1. send a Call for Papers in the proposed format as the template (1 page max) to Special Sessions Co-Chairs
  2. send a potential list of authors (not less than 10 independent authors) and invite them to submit if the proposal is accepted
  3. send a list of potential reviewers (a minimum of 20) to achieve the review process under the proposer(s) leadership (3 reviews per paper).
  4. Deadline for special session proposals (Special Session Call for Papers: January 07, 2022 (final deadline).
  5. Notification of acceptance: not later than January 15, 2022.

If less than 6 papers are received after the submission, all papers will be dropped in different tracks to be reviewed as regular contributions.

Please do follow the Special Session Call for Papers template.

ICEM2022 Special Session Call for Papers template

Instructions to submit the papers will be the same as the one for regular papers when a special session will be accepted.

All proposals (Call for Papers) should be submitted to Special Sessions Co-Chairs: